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Company Profile

Hunan Yinsun Bamboo Industry Co., LTD. was founded in 2003 and was moved to Suining Industrial Park in 2009. It covers an area of 2.3 hectares, and is a comprehensive Nanzhu processing enterprise that mainly produces high-grade bamboo knife, fork and spoon plates, chopsticks, and bamboo furniture. Since its establishment, the company is committed to the innovative development and comprehensive utilization of Nanzhu, and has reached the comprehensive utilization rate of 100%, where all parts of a Nanzu can be made into products. The company has realized the maximization of Nanzhu value, greatly improved the enterprise benefit, and strongly promoted the enterprise to continue to grow stronger. By 2018, the company's own assets has grown from 1.2 million yuan at the beginning of its establishment to 55.77 million yuan, and the growth is nearly 46 times in 15 years; the number of employees has grown from 19 at the beginning 400, and the accumulative newly created jobs are more than 400.

Bamboo knife, fork and spoon plate:
  New disposable bamboo knife, fork and spoon plates have high grade and superior quality, which enjoy dominant position in the domestic high-end market share, while at the same time developing in European and American markets
Bamboo chopsticks:
  Years of experiences in the production and sales of chopsticks, and the products enjoy excellent reputation both at home and abroad. The output is big, with rich variety.
Bamboo furniture:
  In order to make Nanzhu into elegant and high-grade bamboo furniture, through unremitting efforts, Yinshang Company successfully solved the difficult problem of the easy deformation of bamboo boards, which has won serval national anti-deformation patents. The company introduced many low carbon, environmental friendly, fashion and durable bamboo furniture products.
Bamboo furniture is an emerging low carbon industry. As bamboo grows fast, and the bamboo material has high hardness, and super strong toughness, it is an ideal material to replace wood furniture, which has obvious effect in protecting forest. Bamboo industry integrates good ecological, economic and social benefits. China Bamboo Industry Association advocates: Bamboo industry in China should set green industry and low carbon economy as the goal, and take the path of circular economy and green industry.
Many people have seen bamboo furniture. In addition to bamboo chair, bamboo mat, there are also bamboo flooring, bamboo tea table, rattan sofa, dining room furniture and so on. In the past, as the technological level was low, except for using as firewood, there was no other way to use bamboo. However, with the emergence of high technology in recent years, bamboo is used in more and more fields, including clothing, furniture, food, construction and so on. In 2013, the company started the development of household products. Now there are two big series of hotel household products and civilian products.